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Canterbury Mayoral Forum Supports Leftfield Innovation Programme

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Today the Canterbury Mayoral Forum, representing the city and regional councils across Canterbury, confirmed its support for Leftfield Innovation Ltd.’s (LFI) multi-year programme of work on water and land-use change.

canterbury mayoral forum ecan ccc hurunui selwyn waimakariri council
Canterbury Mayoral Forum

LFI has been working with farmers and other key players in the supply chain to develop strategies and specific opportunities for improving the financial returns and environmental performance off rural land in the region. With a stated goal of transforming 100,000 hectares of land into higher value, more sustainable land use, the company also has a range of new crops being grown by farmers within its programme.

While LFI has primarily been working directly with farmers and representative groups, having the support of the Canterbury Mayoral Forum ensures that local government authorities are more closely engaged in the opportunities that LFI’s work develops, and helps ensure that the benefits develop align with regional strategies.

LFI is also in early discussions with central government agencies about its work and results to date, and regards the partnership directly with farmers as key to its success.

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