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Field Trials of Daffodils for anti-Alzheimer Compound

Leftfield Innovation (LFI is leading field-trials of daffodils to research their levels of galantamine production, an active ingredient used in Alzheimer’s medication.

While galantamine production is currently centred in Wales, through a research partnership it is hoped that New Zealand may offer suitable growing conditions for generating economically viable production of this bioactive as an alternate land-use option as part of a pastoral farming system.

While galantamine does occur in a range of other plants, achieving economic viability is key, with various countries exploring options. New Zealand has the advantage of not only having potentially suitable growing conditions, but being in the southern hemisphere also offers opportunities to increase security of supply and balancing seasonal requirements.

This is likely to be a multi-year project, with first field trials now underway. Once initial results are examined it is likely to lead to scaled-up trials and development of potential research and commercial partnerships.

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