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  • Leftfield Innovation

North Canterbury Value-Add Economic Hub

Leftfield Innovation Ltd. (“LFI”) is a lead stakeholder in the exploration of the potential for a value-add economic hub in North Canterbury that would utilise renewable energy - landfill gas from Kate Valley Landfill, and electricity from the proposed 22 turbine Mt Cass wind farm.

LFI obtained support from local stakeholders including the Hurunui District Council, Enterprise North Canterbury, MainPower, Transwaste and local businesses. Subsequently, other stakeholders have since become involved to support the initial feasibility study and concept work.

During the initial phase of work, LFI coordinated potential stakeholders to develop a “strawman” concept, exploring potential land options, infrastructure, business model and economic viability. A range of agricultural, transport and energy stakeholders participated directly, and a wider group was interviewed to provide guidance and expertise.

A range of potential processing and agribusiness-related infrastructure was identified as economically and environmentally beneficial to the wider community, and with the strawman concept used as a reference, economic modelling was undertaken, which also highlighted key levers and partnerships that will drive the success of the proposed hub.

As a result of this initial work, a more in-depth phase has commenced with key stakeholders, and due to commercial sensitivity further detail cannot be shared publicly at this stage, however work is continuing on developing a detailed business case.


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