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Collaboration: Connecting the discrete components

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Leftfield Innovation is committed to delivering impactful results in the near term. We don’t believe that there is a silver bullet. We are committed to look to what we can grow, the infrastructure we have and seek out ways we can capture more value in the first instance as we move toward locking in the missing pieces of the puzzle, such as processing capability, that will enable us to create new value in the future.

A career in design and delivery of large scale multi-disciplinary environmental and infrastructure-based projects across Asia and New Zealand has embedded collaboration into my soul – the version that makes a difference and generates tangible, measurable results.

Historically my work focused mainly in the urban context, until 10 years ago when I returned from Hong Kong to Canterbury and took up a lead role in the development of the Central Plains Water Irrigation Scheme; a rural infrastructure project that spanned across the economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of our community and a true exemplar of collaboration. Despite many challenges, collaboration was the key to success.

Through taking a deep dive into what solutions to this challenge for New Zealand growers looks like, an understanding of the complexity reveals that the challenge is, with all due respect, beyond most individual farmers ability and resources to solve.

Success for us is delivering options to farmers that have a tangible influence on their farming systems - now.

Understanding the discrete components – consumer demand; what we can grow (plants and animals) that has the attributes that match consumer demand, new and novel product development, processing capability (or lack of), value chains, not to mention the need to tell the provenance story – truthfully, is mind-blowingly complex….and we are expecting our farmers to deal with this complexity.

The past 12 months have seen LFI delivering value – insights driven opportunity identification, globally connected processor engagement, establishment of grower groups and long-term supply agreements, plants in the ground, and a pilot for farm to plate food transparency underway.

Talk is easy, execution is what matters.

  1. Start with the end in mind. – a focus on the outcome/impact and working backwards to define the steps and resources required for effective implementation

  2. The right skill mix to get the job done – deep multi sector expertise with proven track records for delivering value ensures we can connect the discrete components and deliver integrated solutions across the agri-food ecosystem nationally and globally.

  3. Intent – all parties involved share the vision of sustainable high value land use for New Zealand growers and a commitment to getting sh*t done.

  4. An unapologetic pledge to achieving a win-win for the initiative participants – growers, processors and consumers; and most importantly a greater win for New Zealand.

  5. Commitment – of time and resources for deep work and delivery of impactful results

  6. Agility – ability to pivot as key insights inform and shape our direction.

Leftfield Innovation Ltd is a Social Enterprise – We are deeply committed to creating great outcomes for our growers, the New Zealand economy, our environment and our communities.

We look forward to sharing more about the impactful work we are doing, and our vision for the future of New Zealand agriculture.

Susan Goodfellow

Founding Director

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