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The Olive Press Partners with Leftfield Innovation

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Today Wairarapa-based The Olive Press confirmed a partnership with Leftfield Innovation Ltd. (LFI) in regards to LFI’s multi-year land-use transformation programme.

olive press wairarapa
The Olive Press

LFI has been working with farmers and food companies to develop new opportunities to increase both economic and environmental performance of land and water use, and it is through conversations in relation to the proposed Wakamoekau water scheme in the Wairarapa that the partnership emerged.

For LFI, The Olive Press presents some excellent opportunities to develop new integrated farm systems that provide economic benefit for both farmers and The Olive Press while also addressing a number of key environmental considerations.

In addition to the farmers and food companies now part of LFI’s programme, LFI is now in discussion with the Ministry for Primary Industries regarding central government support of its activities to accelerate and expand the programme of work.

At more regional levels, LFI is working with the Greater Wellington Regional Council on its plans (and already has support in Canterbury from the Canterbury Mayoral Forum).

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