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Waimakariri Irrigation - Long Term Land Opportunities from Sustainable Water Storage

Waimakariri Irrigation Ltd. (“WIL”) engaged Leftfield Innovation Ltd. (“LFI”) to provide a vision for WIL and it’s shareholders of what future land use may look like in 2030, 2050 and 2070 in relation to stored water schemes in the region, incorporating the wider vision of the primary sector in New Zealand as highlighted in the “Fit for a Better World” report.

LFI provided insight on market trends in an increasingly “conscious consumer” environment, highlighting the increasing need to demonstrate good stewardship of primary production including meeting environmental, animal welfare and ethical expectations, beyond that mandated by regulation.

As part of LFI’s report, we provided comparative economic returns of different land uses, and modelled mixed farm systems to show how EBITDA can be improved alongside environmental performance.

LFI also highlighted the need for modelling of GHGe (greenhouse gas emissions) and nitrogen (N), as this will not only matter to consumers but will also likely have a direct economic impact in the future, including on stocking rates.

The value-add potential of moving from commodity production through to branded, high-provenance and sustainably produced products with reliable water sources was also modelled, providing a strategic direction for stakeholders in the WIL irrigation scheme.

The full report was made available to Waimakariri Irrigation Ltd.


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