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Wairarapa Water Scheme Taps Leftfield Expertise

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Having established itself in Canterbury and assisting farmers in finding valuable, more sustainable ways of using their land and water resources, recently the team at Leftfield Innovation Ltd. (LFI) have been using their expertise with Wairarapa Water Ltd. to help qualify the opportunities that can be realised should the proposed Wakamoekau water scheme proceed in the Wairarapa.

wairarapa water irrigation wakamoekau
Wairarapa Water Wakamoekau

Image Courtesy Wairarapa Water Ltd.

It is often said that the biggest problem with water is just “having it in the right place at the right time”, and this is something that modern irrigation schemes can help with. LFI adds to Wairarapa Water’s own expertise by bringing experience in the rural economic opportunities that can be developed if land use can be reconsidered. LFI is working with the water scheme, farmers in Wairarapa and local government agencies to develop a qualified suite of potential options.

The work that LFI and Wairarapa Water is undertaking is in turn leading to more in-depth discussions with individual entities regarding how to generate higher returns while simultaneously improving environmental performance.

LFI’s recommendations are helping with development of an economic plan and with individual farmers and food companies to develop their own business plans.

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